El Choro

As I was looking into backcountry backpacking trips in Bolivia, I stumbled upon the Cordillera Real and read so much about its greatness for outdoor adventures. The Cordillera Real is part of the Andes and is only 45 minutes outside of La Paz. Most tourists choose to see this beautiful landscape via a 5 hour […]

Colombia, first two weeks.

In all honesty, traveling Bolivia was a lot harder than I had anticipated. Once I left the comfy familiarities of beautiful Sucre, I found the cold winter, cold showers, stuffy nose and dry throat of Bolivian winter pretty exhausting. What’s more, the lack of hospitality and friendliness in places like touristy Uyuni became quite frustrating. […]


(PS: will post photos once I get better service and a way to upload them!) I’m sitting in my apartment and reflecting on the first weeks of my adventure. I feel grateful that I could start here in Sucre – a gentle, friendly and beautiful city. I have to admit, I’ve had moments where I’ve […]

Gear for the road.

If working for REI and interviewing hundreds of gear nerds has taught me something, it’s a thing or two about gear. Over the past few months I’ve been meticulously researching and “pro-dealing” (employee perk of ordering direct from the vendor at major┬ádiscounts) the equipment I’ll need to take with me. This post is to share […]

A grand adventure

Today I stumbled upon the blog I kept while studying abroad in Barcelona. In the very first entry, 20-year-old me writes: “My friend asked me today ‘how does it feel to know that you’re about to have the best experience of your entire life?’ Now that it seems so close, I think I am beginning […]

SEA to SFO. 101 <3

Driving down the 101 Here are my 3 of my favorite moments from the epic coastal magic of driving down the 101 from Seattle to San Francisco in December 2016. 1. Cape Perpetua, Oregon I looked over at the cragged earth, realizing my view was actually the edge of a continent. The rocks here took […]